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is a game but it’s also a character and it interacts with you. They are born in a special way. No other Sfronzol will be like your own. It’s a colourful little thing who is also needy, funny, witty and even a little cheeky. It has its own shape, colour and look but the path your Sfronzol takes in the game will also be unique because you are one of a kind!

You will take care of it and adopt it as if it were a child or, if you prefer, a special pet. Another reason why you must never be far from your device.

The Sfronzol is born, it eats, gets sick, laughs, dances, plays, goes to the toilet, it gets angry if you don’t look for it and it will sneeze on your screen. If you continue to ignore it, it could get gravely ill! When it’s tired and needs to sleep, it will let you know and you will then have to rock it to sleep by gently rocking your device. In this way, your special pet will fall asleep.

It has its own place. A village and stores to buy anything. Food, medicine to make it feel better, spectacles, clothes, hats, anything that can be bought with virtual money.

A Sfronzol is a special friend who needs you. You only have to spend a little bit of time with it and it will find a way to say thank you, even if with just a smile.




The food is over! Where can I buy it?

If the food is over simply access the menu by touching the statistics at the top, go into town (Fronz City), then in the Market, and then you can buy the food you want simply by touching it ;)

Mini Games

Just go into the room where there is TV, touch the console, wait a few seconds, then tap on the right side of the TV (“TAP HERE FOR GAMES”). You can choose the game with the green arrows and play it by touching “Play” ;)

Damn, I have finished the coins! How do I earn more?

To earn coins just play the mini-games from the app or invite your friends on Facebook and get so $ 1 per friend ;)

But when can I go to the central square to meet other Sfronzols?

We will add this feature in future updates ;)

BUT WHAT?! My Sfronzols has changed color and is all green?

Your Sfronzol turns green when the device is charging! So he recovers energy too ;)

Can I change the name?

Unfortunately you can not change the name. We’ll add this feature in future updates ;)

I have not solved my problems :(

Contact us! ;)

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